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Economy Harpoon Kit

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1 in stock


Build your own Harpoon with Gator Pro’s Heavy Duty STEEL Harpoon head with a harpoon dart penetrator (G-102), ready to be mounted to your own 1 1/2″ wooden pole. (We recommend 8′ in length). Comes with 2 of our popular Gator Pro harpoon darts w/ cable (G-101-C), a Big Game, bright orange or white foam float (16 lbs. buoyancy) with 2-25′ sections of 1000 lb. test Gator rope equipped with stainless steel quick links.Kit Includes:1 – Harpoon head w/ Dart Penetrator (fits 1 1/2″ wooden dowel)2 – Gator Pro Harpoon Darts w/ Cable1 – G-109-L Float2 – G-25R Packages of Gator Rope w/ quick links


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