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Gator PRO Hunting Kit

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5 in stock


GATOR PRO’s Complete Gator Hunting Harpoon / Bangstick Package, comes with our attractive professional 8′ aluminum harpoon and our professional GATOR PRO Bangstick. Equipped with the SAFEST most RELIABLE Powerhead on the market today, it features a Screw on barrel w/4 interchangeable caliber options to choose from (additional caliber barrels are available). The Powerhead is engineered with a dual safety; screw lock and/or hairpin clip. This kit also includes 2 of our popular Gator Pro harpoon darts w/ cable (G-101-C), and a Big Game, bright orange or white foam float (16 lbs. buoyancy) with 2-25′ sections of 1000 lb. test Gator rope equipped with stainless steel quick links.

This promotional package includes a FREE ULTRA*LIGHT Sportsman 35 Watt Narrow Spot HEADLIGHT (UL-002-35N) w/ Large Clip Power Cord and a FREE Gator Pro Official Gear Black Adjustable Mesh-Back Hat (limited time offer).

1 – GATOR PRO 8′ Aluminum Harpoon pole w/ Dart Penetrator
1 – GATOR PRO 6′ Bang Stick (spring type, screw in barrel) Your choice of .44 Magnum, .357, .223, or .410 Caliber.
2 – GATOR PRO Harpoon Darts with cable
1 – BIG GAME Float w/ 2- 25′ Rope kits including stainless steel quick connects
Another great feature of GATOR PRO’s gear is that ALL OF OUR HARPOONS and BANGSTICKS WILL FLOAT

Weight 20 lbs


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