Stainless Steel Bacon Hangers

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Hanging Bacons for Smoking. Smoking Pork Spareribs or Chicken Leg Quarters? Hang them in your smoker with our Bacon Hangers! These bacon hangers work GREAT for hanging your strips of beef or deer jerky in your smoker! And they are FANTASTIC for hanging Beef Briskets while smoking or while cooking in your large BBQ Grill!

  • 8 prong, 9 inch wide. Frames and prongs are 3/32 of an inch in diameter. The hook is 3/16 of an inch diameter.
  • Use to hang bacons, beef/deer jerky, pork ribs, chicken leg quarters and beef briskets
  • Stainless Steel Hanger will easily hold a 20 lb. bacon - and not slip out!
  • Prongs are machine ground to a sharp point - spaced 1¼ inches apart.
  • Rough edges are completely eliminated - no crevices for grease and bacteria to accumulate. Also known as Bacon Hooks

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