509CI/520HP GTO/MAS Performance Engine

How do we get more horsepower and torque, we add more cubic inches.  With 509 of them, this big block engine produces over 520 horsepower and 610 foot pounds of torque on 87 octane fuel, making it an excellent choice for a high performing daily operator.

GTO / MAS 509 / 520 hp

  •     Block:  Dart cast iron
  •     Pistions:  SRP Forged
  •     Crank:  Eagle 4340 Steel
  •     Rods:  Eagle 4340 SIR
  •     Bearings:  Cleveite H Series
  •     Camshaft:  Custom Ground Hydraulic Cam
  •     Heads:  Dart Cast Steel
  •     Rocker Arms:  Comp ProMagnum 1.7 ratio
  •     Intake:  Edelbrock Victor Jr. Aluminum
  •     Carburetor:  QuickFuel 850cfm
  •     Ignition:  HEI

This engine is offered in a 92 octane High Output package that feature upgraded Edelbrock aluminum heads, pistons, and camshaft that is over 550 horsepower.

Price:  $CALL

All engines are computer balanced, blue printed and dynoed before shipping.  Engines also come with build documentation and a 2 year unlimited hour warranty.